Audit committee

The Audit Committee is intended to assist the Board of Directors in performing control duties. It plays the key role in monitoring the principal components of all audit types at PROTEK and subsidiaries.
The Audit Committee notifies the Board of Directors of its own operations, the issues that may influence the financial standing or the state of affairs in individual dependant subsidiaries or PROTEK significantly and submits the appropriate recommendations. The Audit Committee at the Board of Directors shall provide an annual written report to the Board of Directors as well as reports on its individual assignments.
The Audit Committee reviews the financial reporting process, the internal control and risk management system, the audit process and control over compliance with laws, regulations and the Code of Conduct at PROTEK and its subsidiaries.
The Audit Committee comprises:
Guz Sergey Anatolievich
Guz Sergey Anatolievich
Independent member of the Board of Directors of PROTEK 
Yakunina Yuliya Sergeyevna
Yakunina Yuliya Sergeyevna
Economic Director at PROTEK
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