PROTEK Group is a holding company headed by PROTEK Parent Company, which was established in 2002 resulting from legal restructuring of the Group. Today, PROTEK acts as a managing company and consolidates the ownership of all assets of the Group.


Sotex «PharmFirm». It is the core of the Group manufacturing segment. It manufactures medicine at its own ampoule manufacturing facility in compliance with the EU GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards*. The facility potential capacity is 143 million ampoules per year.

Protein Contour Company Ltd. The company's primary focus is on biotechnology research, high-tech manufacturing and distribution of immunosorbents.

Rafarma Product portfolio is mainly represented by antibiotics and antitumor drugs. The company also produces oral hypoglycemic drugs, cardiovascular drugs, antituberculotics and other drugs. The production unit has its own R&D laboratory.


CV «PROTEK» firm. It is the key operating company of the Group, one of the largest national distributors of the pharmaceutical, health and beauty products. The company runs offices in all constituent territories of the Russian Federation, has more than 600 suppliers. The variety of products includes 19, 000 items. The total area of warehouses is 172 thousand square meters.

«Spargo Technologies», company is one of the major suppliers of the specialized software for pharmaceutical market players (distributors and pharmacies). It has 50 regional offices. The company list of customers includes over 17,000 pharmacies and presented in 84 regions across Russia.

«TRANSSERVICE Custom» Ltd. company is a customs operator that provides customs and warehouse processing services for the foreign trade cargo of pharmaceutical market players. It has the status of a specialized customs broker. Its operations are performed at the Transservice Customs and Warehouse Terminal, located 14 km off Moscow, along the Yaroslavskoye Shosse. The terminal hosts the Mamontovka post of the Schelkovo Customs Office.

Firm «PROTEK-SVM». It is one of the Russian largest suppliers of medicine substances, contract medicine manufacturer using domestic and foreign manufacturing facilities.

"ProApteka". ProApteka is a marketing union of independent professional pharmacies, founded by a leading Russian pharmaceutical distributor CV PROTEK.
The pharmacies marketing association “ProApteka” provides to independent pharmacies main advantages of large pharmacies chains making possible the yield, stability and competitiveness increase and by that strengthening their market positions.

Retail Segment

«Rigla» is the first nation-wide pharmacy chain, according to the sales volume by AlphaRM. As of the end of 2020, it comprised over 3,000 pharmacies in 54 constituent territories.

** GMP certificates from INFARMED, Portugal’s National Authority of Medicines and Health Products and Croatian Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices.

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