Established in 1998

The company provides participants of the foreign economic activity focused on manufacturing and distribution of medicine and medical items with a range of services in the field of customs and warehouse processing of pharmaceutical products. The company was added to:

  • the Register of Customs Warehouse Owners
  • the Register of Temporary Storage Owners
  • the Register of Customs Brokers (Representatives)

Main operations performed by the company include:
  • receipt and storage of goods at the temporary storage and customs warehouse, cargo palletizing
  • storage of goods requiring particular temperature conditions (in a refrigerator compartment)
  • release of goods in compliance with the declared customs treatment
  • declaration of medicine compliance
  • responsible storage of goods in a pharmaceutical warehouse
  • submission of an electronic notice to the customer on the arrival of a vehicle carrying the cargo at the customs control area
  • provision of the information on the stock of goods to the customer

The company operates at the «TRANSSERVICE Custom» and Warehouse Terminal, located 14 km off the Moscow Ring Road, along Yaroslavskoye Shosse, near the town of Pushkino (the terminal is the main logistic center of the CV Protek distributor). The terminal hosts a customs warehouse, a temporary storage and the Mamontovka Customs Outlet of the Schelkovo Customs Office.

The total capacity of the warehouses is 44,700 pallets.

The major customers of the company are CV Protek, Sotex Pharm Firm, Protek-SVM, LLC; Berlin Pharma, GlaxoSmitKlein Trading, Hemopharm; OOO FC “Grand capital” and others.

The «TRANSSERVICE Customs» Warehouse, LLC is a member of the Central Customs Administration Council.

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