«Spargo Technologies»

Year established: 2004
The company was founded in 2004 on the basis of the design team for the automation of medical software distributor CV «PROTEK». The company has offices in 50 regions of Russia.
IT-solutions of «Spargo Technologies» has successfully used by more than 17,000 customers of the retail pharmaceutical market.

The company employs about 200 people, of whom more than 30 qualified professionals directly engaged in software development.

ePharma2 is the automation software for pharmacies

Being a flagship product of the company, ePharma2 software for pharmacies ensures integrated automation of inventory accounting for individual pharmacies and for pharmacy chains.

Optional functions of ePharma2:
  • Pricing adjustment in compliance with the laws;
  • Recommended order calculation;
  • Order of goods for every store and for the entire enterprise;
  • Electronic document management;
  • Generation of necessary analytical reports.
Automation of pharmacies using ePharma2 software product increases efficiency of employees work optimizes the products range and reduces the expenses for purchase of goods.

We have optimal configurations developed on the basis of ePharma2 software for each market segment.

ePharma2-Benefit software solution is developed for integrated automation of pharmaceutical benefit programs.

The product allows arranging information exchange between health administration bodies, medical and preventive facilities and pharmacies of the region.

Eprica is software operating with the consolidated price list and electronic orders.

Eprica is a system developed to analyze price offers made by suppliers and generate orders for pharmacies. The consolidated price list integrated into Eprica system helps pharmacies to have the best offers of the necessary healthcare products which makes it easier to order healthcare products from distributors and saves time for pricing and product acceptance at warehouses. Eprica also has additional services for pharmacies:

  • Data on prices in registers and category characteristics of goods (vital and essential drugs);
  • Extended description of medicines;
  • Analytical reports on purchase of goods;
  • Data on rejected batches of goods;
  • Opportunity to receive extra income for pharmacies.

is an information portal providing aggregate analytic data for manufacturers and distributors of pharmaceutical industry. The main reports available via PharmaDATA.ru are as follows:

  • Price elasticity analysis: average prices for a healthcare product within the selected period;
  • Orders allocation to distributors;
  • List of TOP pharmacy trade names based on the largest purchase volume of pharmacies;
  • Rating of regions in terms of sales at pharmacies;
  • Shares of distributors of medications/narcotic medical substances.

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