CV «PROTEK» firm

Established in 1990

CV «PROTEK» firm is a leading distributor of pharmaceuticals, beauty and health products in Russia with a market share of 11.3% in 1HY 2020*.

CV «PROTEK» firm is a nationwide distributor. Its regional network boasts 42 branches. Protek's distribution revenue for 1HY 2020 totaled RUB 100.013 billion. 

CV PROTEK does business with 600 major pharmaceutical manufacturers in 18 countries. All products are sourced directly from manufacturers, which shields the customers from the risk of getting counterfeits. Thanks to its approved partners, CV PROTEK is in a position to arrange regular deliveries 19,000 different medicines, parapharmaceutical products and medical supplies.

The company has a customer base across-the-board in the pharmaceutical market; it includes independent pharmacies, pharmacy chains and wholesalers. The company has also been active in public procurement, supplying medications to medical facilities and to the regions of Russia. The customer base totals about 50,000 consignees.

The total space of CV «PROTEK»’s storage facilities is more 172 thousand sq.m

The company’s logistics centre is the Transservice Customs Warehouse, based in the town of Pushkino 14 kilometres from Moscow on Yaroslavskoye Shosse. The total space of the facility is 56,750 sq.m (54,000 palet spaces). The Transservice Customs Warehouse has a computerized system for consolidating customers’ consignments which has the fullest range of functionality in Russia and is capable of processing over 1 mln order lines a day.

The ZdravCity online service is a CV PROTEK stratigic project helping customers to order medicines online, then the payment and reciept of order should be made in any nearest pharmacy at customer's convenience.

*Source: IQVIA.

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