Anti-Corruption Compliance

PROTEK Group addresses corruption as one of key and systemic risks for its effective performance. The Company does not tolerate corruption in any form in relations with shareholders, investors, customers, suppliers and any other contractors, representatives of government authorities at all levels, law enforcement agencies, public officials and politicians, as well as individuals and legal entities.

PROTEK Group refrains from actions that may directly or indirectly affect its reputation, and forms relations with the third parties adhering to principles of mutual respect and cooperation, transparency, trust and rectitude.

The Group is interested in constant strengthening of its business reputation as a reliable and highly professional market player, law-abiding member of society and an honest employer.

PROTEK Group applies regulatory and structural anti-corruption measures.

Its legal framework includes the laws of the Russian Federation and the Group internal regulations to determine anti-corruption efforts and practices:

  • Code of Conduct of PROTEK and its affiliated and associated companies approved by the Board of Directors that determines fundamental ethical values, principles and standards and other top-priority issues in the Company business ethics.
  • Policy on Cooperation with Government Officials of PROTEK its affiliated and associated companies approved by the Board of Directors that determines code of principles and rules of conduct of PROTEK Group and its employees during cooperation with government officials.

On a regular basis PROTEK Group applies the following anti-corruption measures:

  • cooperation between the Group and law enforcement agencies;
  • development and implementation of standards and procedures to ensure diligent operation of PROTEK Group;
  • informing and training of employees in anti-corruption efforts corresponding to functions and level of corruption risks that may arise;
  • measures to form intolerance to corruption practices;
  • anti-corruption valuation of documents and drafts;
  • development of framework to prevent and settle conflict of interests.

PROTEK Group performs its operations in strict compliance with the laws of the Russian Federation. Generation of profit and other benefits by the Company cannot constitute basis for violation of the laws of the Russian Federation.

Кодекс №02 корпоративной этики ОАО «ПРОТЕК» и его дочерних и зависимых обществ.

Политика №ПЛ-02 ОАО «ПРОТЕК» и его ДЗО по взаимодействию с государственными лицами.

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