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PROTEK Group has strengthened its position in the employers rating

"Rigla" (the retail unit of PROTEK Group) came in 37th in the Russian employers rating 2017, having risen 81 points, compared with 2016. "Sotex "FarmFirm" (a production segment of PROTEK Group), having moved up two points, took 81st place.

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SPFO: Non-performing loans - collapse is inevitable!
On February 28 the Union of Professional Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (SPFO) held the second expert discussion: Fair Competition and Order or Everyone Defends its Own Interests!
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Rigla is the most influential pharmacy chain in 2017

Rigla was recognized as the most influential pharmacy chain among 50 companies following the voting of 525 experts from 33 cities in all federal regions of the Russian Federation - representatives of manufacturing, distribution and retail sectors of the pharmaceutical market, public sector and scientific sector.

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сотекс Рафарма протеин протек транссервис
спарго протек-свм ригла протек фонд