SPFO and ARPM are the partners of the Protek charitable foundation


The Union of Professional Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (SPFO) and the Association of the Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (ARPM) have become the first media partners of the Protek Charitable Foundation under the “Health to People” Program.

The program involves delivery of medications to health care providers and social welfare facilities in various regions of Russia as well as financial support to people with reduced capabilities.

Полянский_2.jpg “Professional associations, our media partners, provide support in fundraising for medical expenses and rehabilitation of people who are under care of the Protek Charitable Foundation, as well as in promotion of its activity. The foundation has a rich experience of cooperation in welfare work however we realized the partnership in such form for the first time. I believe that it will gain momentum.” said Nikolay Polyansky, General Director of the Protek Charitable Foundation.

Дмитриев_small.jpg“Connecting socially responsible pharmaceutical companies, the Association of the Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers is fully supportive of the Protek Charitable Foundation’s goals, objectives and mission. ZAO “FarmFirma “Soteks” forms the core of the Protek Group production segment and is amongst twenty pharmaceutical manufacturers – ARPM members. The association is a non-profit organization and provides active support as a media partner of the foundation. We would like to see as much as possible happy, healthy children, after all, the care of the younger generation is the care of the healthy and better tomorrow of Russia.” said Viktor Dmitriev, General Director of ARPM.

Titova_small.jpg “All companies-members of SPFO include projects for corporate social responsibility and welfare work in their development strategies. From its inception, pharmaceutical companies operate with a high degree of social responsibility towards the individual patient and society. The Protek Charitable Foundation continually realizes programs under which it supports the victims of emergency, orphan asylums, hospitals, homes for elderly and disabled, families with disabled children and thereby enhances quality of the life of such people and medication availability. Involvement in social projects and volunteering are the life affirming phenomena which are gaining ground in the life of our society and this is a good news for us, after all, they encourage the development of the civil society.” said Liliya Titova, Chief Operating Officer of SPFO.

For the period of 9 months in 2017, the Protek Charitable Foundation (Protek Group) provided to the social welfare facilities and health care providers medicinal drugs and medical products amounting to more than 50 million rubles, financial support is more than 6 million rubles.

For reference

The Protek Charitable Foundation was established by PROTEK Group of Companies in 2006.

The core area of the Foundation’s activities is the “Health to People” Program dedicated to financial and medicinal aid to vulnerable groups in the Russian Federation. Over the past 10 years the foundation provided aid amounting to more than 300 million rubles.

The Protek Charitable Foundation invested 11 million rubles in the project for infertility treatment “New Life” in 2016. The program is intended to provide free medical aid to the families with fertility problems in the Kulakov Federal Research Center for Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Perinatology.

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