Rigla has opened a two-thousandth pharmacy


On 27 December in Khimki (Moscow Region) Rigla pharmacy chain opened a two-thousandth pharmacy (PROTEK GROUP) - Jivika Discounter.

Like all the discounters of Rigla a new pharmacy is a staff-assisted service. Its area is 108 sq.m. The range includes over 6.5 products at low and average prices, primarily RX-drugs intended for regular course of medication, expensive drugs as well as beauty and health care products and medicinal cosmetics. Jivika uses a queuing system for customer convenience.

They also offer an option of individual order of orphan drugs for customer convenience. Products booked by phone or via website of Jivika (www.aptekazhivika.ru) can be picked up by customers, no waiting in the queue involved.

“Using the organic growth strategy Rigla pharmacy chain actively develops three formats: Rigla self-service pharmacies, Bud Zdorov! neighbourhood pharmacies and Jivika discounters. Due to attractive prices, wide range and high level of services our discounter gradually increases its presence in the retail market. A new pharmacy in Khimki has become the seventieth outlet of Jivika in the Moscow Region. Discounter is an optimal format of pharmacies in the bedroom district with population about 50 thousand people and with a large size of the local market”, noted Alexandr Filippov, the General Director of Rigla pharmacy chain.

Rigla pharmacy chain was the first company in the pharmaceuticals retail sector that implemented the mechanism for analyzing efficiency upon opening new outlets. When choosing the most appropriate format of pharmacies there are many factors to consider including location, access to transportation, population, publicity, and others.


Jivika are discounter pharmacies of Rigla offering low prices, attentive service and wide range of medicines, including orphan prescription drugs and chronic disease medicines.

Jivika customers mostly plan their purchases and buy medicines according to the list. Jivika discounters offer staff-assisted service at outlets with the area of 80-100–14,000 square meters, they have a wide range of medicines – 76 items (76% of the total range) sold mostly at low and average prices. They also offer an option of individual order of orphan drugs for customer convenience.

The following medicines constitute a considerable share in the chain’s sales: prescription medicines (49%) and OTC medicines (39%). As of the end of 2017 there are 134 pharmacies of such format in the Russian Federation. 

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