Protek Group of Companies included in the TOP 50 of RBC 500 rating


Protek Group of Companies has been the only actor in the pharmaceutical market, to be included in the TOP 50 of RBC 500 rating. The holding has become 48-th in the list of the leading enterprises, which is one point higher, compared to the 2017 rating.

The RBC 500 rating-2018 included 28 companies representing the pharmaceutical industry. The TOP-3 distributors which established a lead are: Katren company going in path of Protek Group of Companies, took 52nd position, and Pulse FC – the 88th. By a significant margin after came Pharmstandart (173rd position) and R-Pharm (201st position).

"We got one more point in the current RBC rating, which testifies to the company's financial stability and prospects of the strategy we pursue," – Vadim Muzyaev, President of Protek Group of Companies, commented.

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