PROTEK has signed an agreement with Yandex.Market on development of the “Health” category at the new marketplace of Yandex and Sberbank
Due to the agreement the “Health” category will be supplemented with more than 70 thousand new items: medicines, medical products, hygiene products, cosmetics. 
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PROTEK Group announces FY-2017 financial results

In 2017, the Group’s consolidated IFRS revenue increased by 7% y-o-y to RUB 258,455 mln.

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PROTEK Group has strengthened its position in the employers rating

"Rigla" (the retail unit of PROTEK Group) came in 37th in the Russian employers rating 2017, having risen 81 points, compared with 2016. "Sotex "FarmFirm" (a production segment of PROTEK Group), having moved up two points, took 81st place.

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сотекс Рафарма протеин протек транссервис
спарго протек-свм ригла протек фонд