«JSC «Rafarma»

Established in 2006

JSC “Rafarma” is an integrated pharmaceutical production site designed and operating in compliance with the requirements of the GMP EU. “Rafarma” project is an implementation of the Strategy “Pharma 2020”. It is on the List of perspective projects in the pharmaceutical and medical industry of Ministry of Industry and Trade RF.

Innovative research and manufacturing site is located in Terbuny village of Lipetsk Region. The total production area is 25,000 sqm. In addition, production plant for light-duty batches of API and solid forms is located at the Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics of RAS in Chernogolovka of Moscow Region.

Antibiotics and antineoplastics are the basis of the product portfolio of the company. Besides that, “Rafarma” manufactures oral sugar-lowering medicines, cardiovascular drugs, anti-TB drugs and medicines of other pharmacological groups.  

Integrated manufacturing cycle of cephalosporins, antibiotics non-β-lactam, antineoplastics and medicines of other pharmacological groups is carried out in 5 separate sections. They are equipped with closed water-treatment systems and closed-circuit ventilation.

Home based R&D facilities carry out autonomous research activities and develop original medicines. The pilot plant is located in the Category “D” rooms to develop industrial prototypes of medicines for clinical trials and pharmacological monitoring, scale R&D developments and work out the technology for industrial production of new products.

Equipment manufactured by major European companies is installed at “Rafarma” facilities to produce almost all dosage forms of medicines. Manufacturing capacity (per year): 1.5 billion tablets, 180 million hard gelatin capsules, 62.5 million vials of injections, 18 million sachet packages, 7.7 million vials with suspensions, 0.4 million suppository packages, 0.3 million packs of granules, 1.6 million packs gels, 0.65 million packs of solutions, 0.5 million packs of lyophilizates per year.

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